How to be the best dog-walking client

How to be the best dog-walking client

So you found someone you like to walk your furry friend.  Yay! A good relationship with your dog walker will make everyone’s day go smoother.  Here are a few tips on how to be the best dog walking client.

Off the bat, establish what exactly you’re looking for with your dog walker so there is little room for gray areas.  Go over everything with them. For example, many people like to receive a text message and/or picture after the walk to let them know everything went okay.  If you have a specific route that you want your dog to walk, make sure to tell them about that. Is it okay for your dog to say hello to other dogs, or do you prefer your walker cross the street to avoid any conflict?  

How long do you want your dog walked – is it a strict 30 minutes, or should they follow your dog’s lead for when he gets tired? Can they come during a two- or three-hour window, or do you need someone to come at the same time every day?  Be sure to let them know where the poop bags are (and keep them stocked!) and where they should dispose of them. If you want them to feed your dog or give them a treat afterwards, be clear about that as well. Specificity.

Alert them to privacy issues.  Many people now have cameras and other sources of security in their house.  If you have cameras in your house, or an alarm system that tells you when the walker gets there and leaves, let them know.  Most people are trustworthy and won’t do anything sketchy, but nobody likes to be caught off guard and find out they’re being watched when they didn’t know.  Plus, if you alert them right off the bat, they’re more likely to not do anything wrong, right?

Let your dog walker know when someone is going to be in the house (and let the person in the house know the dog walker is coming!!)  Some people work from home and are home when their dog walker comes. Or, maybe your kids are home from school, you have friends in from out of town, the cleaning lady/gardener is there that day, etc.  Unless this is a regular occurrence that you’ve already established, it’s just nice for your walker to know exactly what they’re walking into (no pun intended).

Lastly, do your best to be on time with your payment.  When you first start working with your dog walker, make sure you’re on the same page on payment times (weekly, bi-weekly etc.) and try your best to be consistent with it.  This all guarantees a smooth and easy relationship between dog walker and client!