Getting paid for dog-walking

Getting paid for dog-walking

Being a dog walker is a great way to supplement your income or even make your entire living.  It is a good problem to be getting paid to be outside, getting exercise, and spending time with animals.  There are several different options on how to get paid and there are benefits and setbacks to all of them.  Here is a brief list of each option…

Venmo.  Venmo is a great option if you’re planning to get paid virtually as it has a very quick turnaround (usually 1-2 business days max) and if your client forgets, you have the control to request it from them.  It also is all done on your smartphone making it very easy to get it all done on the go!

Paypal.  Paypal is great as its very safe, secure, and private.  However, it does take longer than Venmo or direct deposit, so if you are looking to get paid quickly, it is not the best option.  And remember, sometimes clients will pay you late.

Cash.  Cash is quick and easy, and if you do this part time or don’t plan on filing dog walking in your taxes, this is a great option.  However, it isn’t the safest option. You can always re-request a venmo transaction or ask for another check if something goes wrong.  If you lose cash, its gone.

Check.  Checks are another good way to get paid tangibly and a bit safer than cash.  Also, most smartphones now have an app where you can deposit it virtually which is very convenient.  They usually take a little while longer to clear than other forms of virtual deposit (venmo, paypal etc), but otherwise are a very good option if your client is willing to do it.

Direct deposit.  If you have a consistent client on a fixed schedule, it’s not a bad idea to have them just directly deposit it to your bank.  That way you can set up an automatic payment and neither of you have to think twice about it every week.

There’s also always the option of leaving it up to the client.  Many people will appreciate that as not everyone still has a checkbook, has time to take out cash, etc.  Do whatever is most comfortable and convenient for both you and your client, and always make sure you talk about this when you first start working with them so everyone is on the same page.