About ParkTrot

ParkTrot is all about bringing dogs and dog-walkers together. Let’s face it — dogs can do a lot on their own but unless they live out in the middle of nowhere, chances are they’re not allowed to go for walks anytime they feel like it.

That’s where ParkTrot comes in. We work with some of the finest dogs — and finest dog-walkers — in the country. Dog parents tell us about their dog or dogs and we match them up with a dog-walker in their neighborhood who is into their kind of dog. Simple as that.

There are other sites that do more or less the same thing. What’s different about us is that we make the introduction, then go away. We don’t get between dogs, dog parents and dog-walkers. Once introduced, you make your own business and payment arrangements. We’ll occasionally send you a survey to see how things are working out but that’s it.

One of these days, we plan to start charging a small monthly subscription fee for dog-walkers. But for now, our service is free to everyone, so grab a leash and let’s get started.

Fine print

DogTrot is a service of Encinal Associates LLC. We have been around since the Internet was a puppy and, as far as we know, no one has said we nipped them, barked at them or left anything unpleasant on their lawn.

Dog parents: Please use the sign-up form that appears on the right of each page to get started. Dog-walkers, please use the form on the Dog-Walkers page and everyone else, please use the Contact page.